When you have nothing to wear, and you are bored with the usual clothes that lie morbid in the closet, try something out from your Occasional wears. An alluring pink ‘Kurta’ with floral motifs on the hem and shoulders, my all-time favourite watch, Tan coloured bow moccasins and my Ainak. A sombre shade of matte wine…

Parikrama; Connaught Place.

A revolving restaurant right in the middle of Connaught Place! You couldn’t have asked for a much better setting. Standing at a height of 240 feet atop the Antriksh Bhavan on KG Road, the restaurant provides a splendid view of Delhi.       In the afternoon, you can see the busy by-lanes of the…


What happens in the Metro, stays in the Metro.
Pun Intended


I’m a minimalist. Minimalism to me is a reaction, an antithesis to noise, destruction, disorders, crime and distraction. It is peace; it is beauty as you see it.

United Coffee House, Connaught Place

Established more than 70 years back, this coffee house started with introducing unique coffee blends to its cosmopolitan gentry to developing into a restaurant of distinctive culinary experience.

Benaam Kaya

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.